Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows

Everyone knows that double-glazing is a necessity nowadays, but not everyone knows why. When you’re making a financial investment like this, you want to know what your money is going on and that you’re investment is a good one. It’s all very well people harping on about how, “It’s good for the environment” or, “You’ll save money on your household bills,” but the why and the how aren’t always clear.

Allow us to explain.

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with an inert gas safely sealed between them. This gas traps the air that moves through the glass and slows down the conduction of heat that tries to penetrate through your windows. This means less heat escapes and your house stays warmer. Win!

It’s good for the environment.

The more energy we use in our homes, the bigger our carbon footprint. We want to reduce the amount of energy that we use so that the natural processes that break down these harmful gases can more efficiently convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Just like we use greenhouses to provide a warmer environment for our plants and vegetables to grow, CO2 creates a greenhouse effect by building up in the atmosphere and warming our planet. However, there is strong evidence that demonstrates how due to the massive increase in CO2 in our atmosphere – largely as a result of energy consumption among other things – the global temperature is rising and causing rapid climate change that has the potential to cause natural destruction through extreme weather conditions. We’re not trying to scare you into getting double glazed windows; there are bigger things that contribute to carbon emissions. However, like Tesco always says, every little helps!

You’ll save money on your household bills.

Following on from the point that double glazing is energy efficient, this doesn’t just help the environment, it can also help you save quite a bit of money.
50-70% of heat from our homes is lost through single glazed windows. This means that just by installing double-glazing, you can potentially reduce your heating bill by half if not even more than that. Your house will be toastier throughout the winter months, which means you won’t need to have your heating on for half as long as you would need to with single glazing, AND you’ll make your money back from the window installation in no time at all so it’s a great investment.
Still suffering from single-glazed windows? If you’re layering up at home instead of turning on your heating in order to save some money on your heating bills, it’s time to smarten up. Imagine the luxury of paying 50% less on your heating, not having to wear your coat indoors, and not waking up in the middle of the night with a cold nose… We’ve all been there! Double-glazing is the way forward. Once you’ve got them, you won’t look back.

Double-glazed windows make your home safer.

Double-glazed windows also make your home quieter, safer and generally more secure. They’re harder to break and their composition means that as well as trapping in the warmth they’ll reduce the noise from the neighbour’s kids!
They also make it doubly difficult for any unwelcome visitors to force their way in to your home.
You’ll sleep better knowing that you and your family are safer and more secure in the comfort of your own home, just as you should be.

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