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Residence 9 flush windows: Customised style to suit any architectural period with the bonus of energy efficiency.

Residence 9 flush windows replicate the classic hardwood timber designs from the 19th century and have changed building conservation altogether. The authentic appearance means that it can be used in listed buildings; it’s modern construction means that it is also energy efficient.

Residence 9 (R9) is the self-proclaimed solution for planners and homeowners in conservation areas but the best thing about them is that the variety they offer can cater for absolutely anything, even a new build.

The elements of listed buildings that make them such desirable properties are often what add to their rate of deterioration. With the original set of windows making them more exposed and susceptible to the elements than their modern counterparts, the Residence 9 solution combines traditional style and modern engineering to give you the best of both worlds.

Waterside Windows are a registered Residence 9 windows installer.

Hardwood timber frames look fantastic, and so they should for what you pay for them. But if the real thing is not something you’re able to financially consider, there are plenty of alternatives. The R9 premium window system means that you have a high-end luxury frame that doesn’t require sanding or staining and is much more durable.

Choose a colour that is right for you and the style that represents the architectural period that you are trying to achieve. A choice of dual coloured frames also allows you to achieve the style you want on the outside and something different to match your property’s interior design on the inside.

Restore your traditional sash windows without compromising on style.

These windows are specially designed to be easy to clean, give you all the benefits of uPVC and provide you with a range of handles and hinges to accessorise your choice of hardwood frames. R9 windows come highly recommended down to every last detail.

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